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Explorer Student Loft Bunk Bed Twin Over Full - $598

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honey staircase bunk bed twin over full

Color: Explorer Finish
Mattress Size: Twin over full
Mattress Height: 8"
Material: Solid Pine Dimensions: 81 x 81 x 64"H

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Turning a small room into an efficient room can be tough. Building a bunk bed can be quite a task, especially when you want to create storage areas including drawers, and cabenits or include a trundle for an extra pull out bed. When you build your own bunk bed, you risk creating a safety hazard for your children for every storage space you create as it weakens the soundness of the bunk bed structure.

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Bunk Beds and Loft Beds
Stair Case Bunk Bed Honey Twin Over Twin Bunk beds are evolving from the standard model into a bunk bed design with unlimited space solutions. New features include built in cabinets under staircases, desks that act as a support for the bunk bed, and trundle beds which can turn a bunk bed into three separate sleeping spaces.

Making a mistake in the construction of a bunk bed or loft bed could lead to severe consequences. Collapse in the frame or a bunk bed ladder may cause injuries for individuals on either bunk. Skilled, qualified engineers should be the only people contemplating a bunk bed building project; otherwise, it should be avoided completely.

An unstable bed frame is a safety hazard to children as well as parents who may be climbing a bunk bed to tuck in their child at night. The new staircase bunk beds (also called stairway bunk beds or stair stepper bunk beds) can make it much easier and safer for mom to climb up to the top bunk at night. Another thing you may consider when contemplating building your bunk bed is the bunk bed’s design. You may spend a bunch of money to try and complete a well designed bunk bed with functional storage space. The materials, such as solid pine may also be expensive.

Bunk beds can be found online for about $500 and many times there are models with free or discounted shipping options. At times there are even models that come with matching furniture such as desks, dressers, mirrors, and chairs at no additional cost (as a bedroom set special.)By buying online, you may end up with a product that is much more functional, while wasting none of your time or in the end. Not only is it less expensive but you can take advantage of custom bunk bed options buy adding or removing features so that the end product will satisfy individual needs.

Distributors like Factorybunkbeds.com can help you save even more money by buying direct from the factory online. Without the costs of an additional shipment to a retailer, the bunk bed retailer’s overhead, and profit margin built in – you can get a bunk bed at a fraction of the cost that you can from buying at a furniture store. Buy direct from the manufacturer’s factory and save big!